Residential Life

Welcome to Residential Life!  Students have the option of staying in the dorm full-time or part-time during the week. There is an option for day students to stay for a short time after school as well. For most residential dormitories, students enjoy a single room.  Each room is furnished with beds, a wardrobe or closet, a desk, and a nightstand for each student. Bed linens and towels are provided. Students bring their own personal items and clothing. Students may also bring games, cell phones, favorite toys, and room decor.  We encourage family photos!  


Students will be given the opportunity to experience planned activities such as athletics, field trips, cooking classes, recreation, hiking, and much more. Students are fully supervised at all times by staff who can communicate with them in a language rich environment using American Sign Language.  Students who commute are welcome to stay after school to participate in residential activities.


 Independent Living Skills are taught by Residential Life Trainers who help students develop skills needed to be independent and productive contributors to society. All Residential Life staff have obtained or are working toward their CEASD (Conference of Educational Administrators Serving the Deaf) certification.


Language Rich Environment, Language Rich Engagement, Language Rich Education

NCSD prides itself on the ability to provide the 3 LREs – all communication, teaching, and activities include language that is tailored to the individual student in order to achieve the best understanding.  Residential staff have attended sign language classes and Deaf Culture classes to improve skills.


Student Forum

In order to achieve the highest collaboration between students and staff, a representative from Middle School, High school dormitories, and the Yale program will meet monthly to discuss residential issues and plan activities that are of interest to the students.  The student forum representatives will be responsible for gathering and sharing information with their respective peers by leading meetings within their dorms. Student Forum representatives have been chosen by their peers. In addition, leadership training is provided to student forum members.