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Edlio College Preparatory empowers our students to unlock their potential through a program of academic excellence, character, social development and leadership training within a structured environment.

Core Values:

The Guiding Principles by which Edlio College Preparatory accomplishes its Mission are:

  • Academic Excellence – Providing a World Class education that prepares our students for college entrance and graduation from the nation’s finest four-year colleges and universities.
  • Duty – Performing one’s obligations, tasks, conduct, service or functions that emanates from their position or station in either life or a group.
  • Honor – To exercise and maintain fairness, integrity and honesty in one's beliefs and actions.
  • Integrity – A firm devotion to moral and ethical principles and soundness of character in all our affairs.
  • Respect - To render appropriate deferential regard and esteem to colleagues, institutions, and one’s family
  • Personal Courage - To do the harder right over the easier wrong.
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