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Booster Club

The Booster Club supports our student-athletes, and their programs through our concession stand throughout the sports season. Our sports program includes soccer, basketball, and track ranges from Elementary to High School ages.


Booster Club also offers a season pass for the alumnus, fans, and members of the athletes’ families to attend the games throughout the year, and please contact me for the cost for the single, couple, and family.


Not only we serve concession, but we do sell school apparel. Contact me for availability. As of now, June 26, 2020, we do not have any products on hand, but that can change later.


Some of our students work with the concession stands to earn their Occupational Course Study hours, giving them the experience in dealing with the customers and money management, helping them prepare for the real world simultaneously.


Volunteers are welcome to work with us, especially for the Homecoming, where we serve hundreds of alumnus and their families on the first Saturday of October. If interested, please visit our school website’s page and click on Human Resources, there you will find the Volunteer Services information to fill out. You will be hearing from us in regards to scheduling your work hours, thank you in advance.